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Frequently asked questions by our clients and fans

What's the size of Mr Mirror Booth?

Set up the Mr Mirror Booth is 68'' (1.73cm) x 23.8'' (60.46cm) x 31.7'' (80.52cm). Our set up consists basically of 3 things: our mirror booth, a small table for the printer and a table for the props. For most events, a 2x2 m² space will work perfectly, unless you have booked a green screen or other backdrop, in that case, we will need a space of approximately 3x3 m².

How does Mr Mirror Booth work?

It's simple! The booth consists of 3 things:

1. a DSLR camera hidden inside the booth, with a studio flash connected to it

2. a beautiful, handcrafted wooden mirror with a touch screen and

3. a latest technology thermal printer

Our equipment, similar to those of professional photography studios, will take & instantly print high-quality photos, while entertaining you with its numerous animations!

Your chance to feel like a star in the Red Carpet, with Mr Mirror Booth!

How many people can fit into a picture?

Group selfies, an easy job for Mr Mirror Booth! The amount of people that can fit into the photo depends on the set up and the zoom of the camera. Our customers like breaking records though and we’ve seen photos with up to 30 people in them!

I have a logo created for my party, is there a way to put that on the photo?

Yes, it is very easy to incorporate your logo onto the picture. All you have to do is send us a transparent PNG file with the logo, we will load that into the software, and voila! you will see it appear on the picture!

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